It seems a lot of important “stuff” starts a new year about now.  I still get a special feeling about now  … remembering all those first weeks of a new school year.  Our church also gets into a full swing mode now ..   and of course, the Sewing Boutique follows right along.

We have a very full fall season.  We are again having  a Sulky Educator Seminar on September 6.  Even though we are charging $20 to help with the expenses, each attendee receives a gift valued at $15 so it seems to be a win-win situation.

Our annual fall Open House is Saturday, September 8 .   Stop in and see samples of our new classes and receive 10% off class fees when you register that day.  I am not sure what the other gals at the Sewing Boutique will be offering class wise but I sure could keep you busy with what I will be offering.  Look elsewhere and see a full description of my classes.  However, the new ones include my Hoop Sisters project, a New Stitcher’s Garden embroidered quilt, a gorgeous black and gold batik pieced  leaf quilt, my denim jacket with a ruffled front and embroidered bands  and finally, for all the ladies that did the Stitcher’s Garden quilt a couple of years ago, check out the wall hanging I made to go with my quilt.

Joyce has gotten a Viking Software Educator to do a hands on Workshop  on Tuesday,  October 30  showing us the new programs that will have been introduced at the Viking Convention the first week in October.

Joyce and I go to the Viking Convention the first week in October where we always see and learn so much.  We are on the “working out the details” of a party when we get back to share with you all the new ideas, techniques, feet, notions, designs, etc.  More on that later.        Vera