After several scheduling and rescheduling attempts we were able to finally have our Zippy Bag class.  The girls created their fabric by sewing 14 different pieces of fabric together and then with the backing , batting and top together they used many decorative stitches to quilt the fabric.  They really enjoyed using the many decorative stitches.  And then to finish the bag off, they put in a zipper and sewed the sides up.

In the picture in front of the store we have Audrey Kaeb, Joanna Walder, and Kristin Walder in the back row.  In front and sitting on the planter is Lucy Lugo and Abby Walder.   In the picture inside the store we have Hope Watts,  Rebecca Carlson, Katie Lister,  and Elizabeth Samet.  All the girls are showing off their new Zippy bags.

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