Joyce Says

18″ Doll Outfit

On Good Friday, we made an outfit for our 18″ dolls.   The outfit consisted of pants, a matching

vest and coordinating shirt.  The girls always enjoy making clothes for their dolls.

The girls sewing doll clothes that day were Heidi Walder, Olive Clayton and Wilemena Clayton.

The girls had a fun time.

Humbug Bags

On Presidents Day  holiday from school,  we made Humbug Bags.   We created the fabric by 

sewing strips of colorful  fabrics together and then sewing some decorative stitches along each

strip to decorate the bag.  And then we put in a zipper.  They were quite fun to make.  On the far right is Annika Stadli and Laura Eisenmann .  In the middle picture is Olive and Wilamena Clayton.  In the picture on the immediate right is Taylor Bright, Ella Combes, Christa Holohan, and Eva Brown.

Travel Pillows

On the Martin Luther King  Birthday holiday from school,   we made a travel pillow.  It was a 

16″ pillow with a pocket on one side that was big enough to hold a book or I pad and a handle

for easy carrying.   Heidi Walder,  Wilamena Clayton, Katrina Walder, Laura Eisenmann, and

Olive Clayton came to make the pillow that day.

Classes for Kids

During Christmas break , we scheduled a kids class for making a flannel quilt using 8 inch

squares of 2 coordinating flannels.   In one of our classes, Grandma Maria brought 5 of her

grandchildren to class and each made a quilt.    They are pictured on the far right.  In the middle picture is Selah and Maggie Nardoni  and their grandpa.   The picture on the immediate right is Wilamena and Olive Clayton.

Collage for Kids 2016 and Summer Kids Classes

The girls had great fun making these Giant Flip Flop Pillows.   they even tried to walk                                           in them  but were not  successful.   In the picture on the left , left to right is Eva                                                     Brown,  Alana Scherer, Ryli Hoaks and Ailey Leman.      In the middle picture, left to right in back row is Ella Combes,  Eva Brown, Amanda Brown, and Kaitlyn Bergstad.  In the front row is Lucy Lugo, Aiden Bell, and Hope Graham.  They are showing us the little treasure bags they made in College for Kids.  In the picture below,  Ella Combs and Aiden Bell show off the mesh tote bags they made in the College for Kids class

IMG_2403 IMG_2411 IMG_2456I







In the picture on the left, left to right is Wilamina Clayton,  Olive Clayton, Selah Nardoni and Maggie Nardoni  showing us the little treasure bags they made.

To the right Hayley Walsh and Amanda Brown  are showing us the pillowcases they made in the College for Kids class this summer.

There are always lots of options  if you check them out at the Sewing Boutique.



Classes for Kids

We started  out the year making a pillow with a secret pocket.  Everyone had fun deciding what they wanted to store in

their secret pocket.  The second project for this year was  a back pack .  Everyone had the opportunity to cut out their initials

using the Accuquilt Go cutter ,   fused them to the bag and then stitched them to the bag with a zig zag stitch

In the picture on the left,  left to right on the back row we have Selah Nardoni, Kaitlyn  Bergstadt, and Amanda Brown.  In the front row left to right  we have Lizzie Lane and Maggie Nardoni all showing us their pillows with the hidden pocket.  In the picture on the right,  left to right in back row is Phoebe Killy, Phineas Killy, and Emily Ray.  In the front row, left to right is Lila Killy and Ryli Hoaks

IMG_1936[1]IMG_1934[1]In the picture on the far right,  left to right in back row we have Braidee-ann Ulrich,  Hayley Walsh, and

Amanda Brown.   In the front row, left to right we have Ryli Hoaks and Lizzie Lane.  They are showingIMG_1957[1]

us their back packs with the letters on them.

In March they made this cute top and skirt  outfit  IMG_2164[1]

for their 18″ dolls.  In the picture on the right, left to right in the back row is Kaitlyn Bergstad,  Amanda Brown, and Hayley Walsh.  In the front row left to right is Eva Brown and Lizzie Lane.

College for Kids

Our experience with College for Kids this summer was quite successful.  For the June 22 – 26 session, we had three students in the 1:10 to 3:00 class.  By the time the second week rolled around July 20 – 24, we had 11 students signed up.  so we opened a second time slot –  10:30 to 12:20 and had 5 students at 10:30 and 6 students at 1:10.  They were very eager sewers and did a good job with their projects.  Here are some pictures of the girls showing off their projects.

IMG_1495On the left, left to right:  McKenzie Shields,  Eva Brown            IMG_1529

and Mercedes Diaz  show the bags they made


On the right Maggie Nordoni, Sabrina Koenig, Emily Ray

and Haylee Walsh.   Down front is Selah Nordoni.

All are showing us their wall organizers.



IMG_1550On the left, left to right:  Lilly Jerone,  Allyssa Yaden, and Jo Vines    IMG_1537

displaying the pieced star pillows they made in class


On the right, left to right:  Amanda Brown, Pandora Jerome

and Emma Rayls  show us the bags they made in class.

Zippy Bag Class in April

After several scheduling and rescheduling attempts we were able to finally have our Zippy Bag class.  The girls created their fabric by sewing 14 different pieces of fabric together and then with the backing , batting and top together they used many decorative stitches to quilt the fabric.  They really enjoyed using the many decorative stitches.  And then to finish the bag off, they put in a zipper and sewed the sides up.

In the picture in front of the store we have Audrey Kaeb, Joanna Walder, and Kristin Walder in the back row.  In front and sitting on the planter is Lucy Lugo and Abby Walder.   In the picture inside the store we have Hope Watts,  Rebecca Carlson, Katie Lister,  and Elizabeth Samet.  All the girls are showing off their new Zippy bags.

Be sure and check out our newsletter to see what other classes for kids are offered  this summer.


Update on the Classes for Kids

In October, the project in the Kids Class was a Sleeping Bag for their 18″ dolls using a pretty purple and green printed fabric.  Here we see Lucy Lugo of Hoopeston showing us her finished sleeping bag with her American Girl doll using it already.


Over Christmas break,  we had several classes where the girls make Polar Fleece Hats and Scarves.  As you can see  by the picture they had lots of clipping to do on the scarves.  They are wonderfuly warm in the cold weather we have been having.  In the back row, left to right:  Kristin Walder, Cissna Park and Joanna Walder, Hoopeston.  Front row, left to right: Audrey Kaeb, Cissna Park,  Abby Walder, Hoopeston, and Hannah Waldbeser, Cissna Park.





On January 21,  The girls made an outfit for their 18″ doll.  It included a Jacket with Zipper,  Ski Pants,  and Fleece  Hat and Mittens.  That was a lot to accomplish in one session  but everyone got their project done.  Sisters, Rebecca and Elizabeth Carlson, Milford  show us their finished  outfits.  It looks like their dolls are ready for the cold weather also.





Kids Keep Busy With Classes

All you moms and grandmas, be sure and check out the Kids Classes we have scheduled for this summer.  We will be repeating Kids Sewing Camp Level I  and Level II  especially designed for the beginner.  For those who have  taken a class or two,  we have  the Pocket Organizer  and the Fun Quilt.  The pocket organizer measures 14″ x 30″ and can be hung on a door or a wall.  The fun quilt measures 51″ x 60″  and is made up of 8″ blocks in two coordinating fabrics with two borders around it.   Check the CLASSES for dates, times and fees.

During Christmas break, we had several pajama classes for kids.  In the poicture from left to right, we have Abby Kaeb, Jenna Waldbeser, and Erica Walder modeling their pajamas for us.

In January, the girls made pretty red and white snowflake pillows to go along with our snowy weather.  Emma Morts is showing us her pretty pillow.

   During each schools spring break, we offered a class in which they made an Illini outfit for their American Girl dolls.  Cassie Cook is showing us her newly outfitted doll.  Go Illlini!

There are still two classes open for the Illini  outfit for your doll as different schools had breaks at different times.   We have a class on Wednesday, April 6  at 1:00  and a class on Good Friday, April 22   at 8:30  and would have one at 1:30 if we have enough sign up.