Vera’s Notes

Notes from Vera

Happy spring to everyone.  The calendar says it is spring but I am not giving up my warm coat just yet.  I must admit I am ready to pack away all the snowman stuff and tell myself to shift gears as spring is officially here.  Most of my family will be home for Easter and that is very motivational to get going.  A friend once said every woman should have company at least every three or four weeks. (I know that works for me)

The Sewing Boutique will be gearing up for spring also.  Check out the new classes in this newsletter.  I am again doing the Kaleidoscope Quilt using the Bloc Loc rulers as it goes fast and provides an opportunity to use your scraps and some of your stash.  I hope to have my finished quilt hanging soon.  I am working on some additional ways to use the printed  motivational squares from the Outside the Lines quilt hanging up now.

Joyce has a new quilt called Winter Night that features both applique and piecing.  Barb will be doing the Lasagna Quilt that uses precut 2 1/2″ strips.  Check out the class page for dates and times.

Joyce has arranged for our favorite software educator, Janie Lantz to share her expertise with all of you on May 7th and  8th.  Janie has her own fan club here as she has been a frequent software educator at our store.


Notes from Vera

Our local schools have been in session for a week now and  as I sit  with only so many days as she it is a sure sign that fall is almost here.  Those “back-to-school” jitters have long been forgotten by this retired teacher.  However, I got to relive them a bit this week as my favorite (and only) granddaughter started her first year of teaching.


We have many wonderful classes lined up for this fall’s schedule and Joyce has to do magic with only so many days as she pencils in all our classes and clubs.  I know I want to do a bedskirt/dust ruffle for one of my new quilts so I am going to have a one session class on that.  We are finishing up the gorgeous Feathered Star from Hoop Sisters and have the Mystery Quilt in process.  My new Hoop Sisters project for later this fall is Cathedral Window which uses a different technique.  My other quilt is simple enough that beginners will be comfortable but challenging enough for experienced quilters.  Also, last week one of our good customers suggested I have another Foot class to go over some of the newer feet.  I think that is an excellent idea as the specialty feet enable  our great Viking sewing machines to do even more as well as better and  faster


Joyce and I go to Florida for the Viking convention in September and will be bringing back loads of new ideas.  Please sign up for our Toolin’ Around event to show all our new products on Friday, September 27.


Our Open House is Saturday, September 14 so please stop in and view our new class projects and remember you get 10% off class fees that day.  I will be having a couple Hoop Sisters projects trunked in for our Open House.  That way you can see what the Cathedral Window looks like and what I have in mind for a winter project.

Just being able to keep busy is a blessing so keep hugging those sewing machines.   Vera


Notes from Vera

It seems a lot of important “stuff” starts a new year about now.  I still get a special feeling about now  … remembering all those first weeks of a new school year.  Our church also gets into a full swing mode now ..   and of course, the Sewing Boutique follows right along.

We have a very full fall season.  We are again having  a Sulky Educator Seminar on September 6.  Even though we are charging $20 to help with the expenses, each attendee receives a gift valued at $15 so it seems to be a win-win situation.

Our annual fall Open House is Saturday, September 8 .   Stop in and see samples of our new classes and receive 10% off class fees when you register that day.  I am not sure what the other gals at the Sewing Boutique will be offering class wise but I sure could keep you busy with what I will be offering.  Look elsewhere and see a full description of my classes.  However, the new ones include my Hoop Sisters project, a New Stitcher’s Garden embroidered quilt, a gorgeous black and gold batik pieced  leaf quilt, my denim jacket with a ruffled front and embroidered bands  and finally, for all the ladies that did the Stitcher’s Garden quilt a couple of years ago, check out the wall hanging I made to go with my quilt.

Joyce has gotten a Viking Software Educator to do a hands on Workshop  on Tuesday,  October 30  showing us the new programs that will have been introduced at the Viking Convention the first week in October.

Joyce and I go to the Viking Convention the first week in October where we always see and learn so much.  We are on the “working out the details” of a party when we get back to share with you all the new ideas, techniques, feet, notions, designs, etc.  More on that later.        Vera


Notes from Vera

     Happy Spring to all of you.  It is Spring officially according to the calendar,  according to the gardeners plantinng and preparing their garden plots, according to friends who noticed their first crocus, according to the students enjoying their spring break, and according to Joyce who “springized” the front window of the Sewing Boutique.

     We, at the Sewing booutique, can plan classes and fully expect to have them without threat of a blizzard.  What a great feeling!  Our snowbirds will be returning home and it will be good to see them again.  Ah Spring!

     We have several new classes lined up for our sewing  enthusiasts.  I will be having a very basic Beginning Quilt class for wannabe quilters.  I will be assuming you know NOTHING about quilting and we go from there.

     I am also having an Intermediate level  quilt class, using batiks, for those who have taken at least one of my previous quilt classes.

     I am excited about doing a Jenny Haskins handbag that utilizes embroidery and other embellishments.  Those doing my present Jenny Haskins quilt already have the designs used for this project.

     Be sure to look under CLASSES to see what Barb, LaDonna, Janet and Joyce are offering.

     Joyce and I will be attending the Viking Convention in Reno, Nevada this May and we are looking forward to learning more new ideas and techniques to share with you.  We are never too old to learn and to share our talents.  Keep hugging that sewing machine.