T – Shirt Quilt

It seems we never run out of T Shirts and need help in knowing what to do with them.  A wonderful way to keep the

memories going is to make the T shirts into  a quilt  or throw.  This class will help you get those T Shirts out of the storage

box and put together into a quilt.   Class fee:  30.00   Monday, April 30     9  to 4       Joyce

Kaleidoscope Block Loc Quilt

This quilt uses your scrap batiks and requires the Bloc Loc rulers to complete.  You can make as many blocks as you want and you can arrange them however you want.  How simple is that.  Class fee:  45.00   Thursday,  April 26  May 24  and June 21  1:00   Vera

Lasagna Strip Quilt


You will be using a jelly roll package of 2 1/2″ precut strips to put together this quilt in one day.  It is indeed                                                                               the fastest quit you will ever make.   When the strips are all sewn together you will learn how to add borders                                                                                of your choosing to make this quilt the perfect size for you.  Class fee:  30.00  Friday, May 25       9 to 4  Barb

Winter Nights Quilt

This 64 x 54 inch wall quilt took my eye last year at Quilt Market and now I am ready to  share

it with you as a Block of the Month project.  The blocks are a mixture of applique and piecing and

include such things as skates, poinsettias, cardinals, pine cones,  snow and a cabin.  Starting in April, we

should be able to finish it in January just in time to display it mid winter.    Class fee:  15.00 per session

for 10 sessions.  We will meet the last Tuesday of the month beginning with April 24.  I have a 1:00

and a 5:00  session scheduled.     Joyce

Premier+2 Seminar with Janie Lantz

Premeir+ Embroidery Software Workshop


Collage for Kids 2016 and Summer Kids Classes

The girls had great fun making these Giant Flip Flop Pillows.   they even tried to walk                                           in them  but were not  successful.   In the picture on the left , left to right is Eva                                                     Brown,  Alana Scherer, Ryli Hoaks and Ailey Leman.      In the middle picture, left to right in back row is Ella Combes,  Eva Brown, Amanda Brown, and Kaitlyn Bergstad.  In the front row is Lucy Lugo, Aiden Bell, and Hope Graham.  They are showing us the little treasure bags they made in College for Kids.  In the picture below,  Ella Combs and Aiden Bell show off the mesh tote bags they made in the College for Kids class

IMG_2403 IMG_2411 IMG_2456I







In the picture on the left, left to right is Wilamina Clayton,  Olive Clayton, Selah Nardoni and Maggie Nardoni  showing us the little treasure bags they made.

To the right Hayley Walsh and Amanda Brown  are showing us the pillowcases they made in the College for Kids class this summer.

There are always lots of options  if you check them out at the Sewing Boutique.



Classes for Kids

We started  out the year making a pillow with a secret pocket.  Everyone had fun deciding what they wanted to store in

their secret pocket.  The second project for this year was  a back pack .  Everyone had the opportunity to cut out their initials

using the Accuquilt Go cutter ,   fused them to the bag and then stitched them to the bag with a zig zag stitch

In the picture on the left,  left to right on the back row we have Selah Nardoni, Kaitlyn  Bergstadt, and Amanda Brown.  In the front row left to right  we have Lizzie Lane and Maggie Nardoni all showing us their pillows with the hidden pocket.  In the picture on the right,  left to right in back row is Phoebe Killy, Phineas Killy, and Emily Ray.  In the front row, left to right is Lila Killy and Ryli Hoaks

IMG_1936[1]IMG_1934[1]In the picture on the far right,  left to right in back row we have Braidee-ann Ulrich,  Hayley Walsh, and

Amanda Brown.   In the front row, left to right we have Ryli Hoaks and Lizzie Lane.  They are showingIMG_1957[1]

us their back packs with the letters on them.

In March they made this cute top and skirt  outfit  IMG_2164[1]

for their 18″ dolls.  In the picture on the right, left to right in the back row is Kaitlyn Bergstad,  Amanda Brown, and Hayley Walsh.  In the front row left to right is Eva Brown and Lizzie Lane.

Block of the Month Quilt

This block of the month quilt will be created with batiks in the colorway of

navy, burgundy and greens  on a light  background.  It is a very dramatic bold pattern

with bold colors.  You will meet once a month for 6 months.  Class fee: 90.00

The fabric and pattern are extra.  Wednesday, September 14,  October 12, November 9,

img_2606 and December 14    1:00 or 5:00

There will be two additional classes in January and February.    Vera

Christmas Table Runner or Place Mats

You will be making a lovely table runner or place mats

using the pretty Christmas fabrics from the Songbird Christmasimg_26051img_26041

Collection.  Come see Barb’s sample at the store during

our Open House  on Saturday, September 10.   Class fee:  30.00

Tuesday, November 8  and 22   1:00    Barb